Zoe and Jamie’s Three Cliffs adventure

In June I had the pleasure of spending time and photographing Zoe and Jamie for their pre-wedding session. We had a whale of a time wandering along the clifftops and dunes of Oxwich.

We met at the car park in Parkmill and made our way up to the path to Pennard Castle and over Oxwich bay. It was a beautiful yet hazy Summer afternoon, and because we met later in the day the light was warmer and less harsh, perfect for softer tones and encouraging a little light into my lens – typically me!. We chatted about the wedding plans, times and came up with a few ideas for photos.

This photo session was the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other, and we chatted like we knew each other forever – a great chance to relax before the big day, its more like standing in front of a friend with a camera that way instead of a photographer or virtual stranger.

Every now and then I’d loosely pose them for a photo – taking advantage of the beautiful vistas, whilst capturing the incredibly happy couple.

We’re treated to some very beautiful landscapes in South Wales, and beautiful beaches and coves down the Gower (amongst others) so I really wanted to encourage that ‘wow’ factor. Some of the time I safely positioned them on an outcrop and then ventured for the perfect angle, sometimes peeking from behind some foliage for a nice layered effect – to give the feeling that the camera is not actually there, just capturing the connection between two people.

We ventured down the biggest hill of sand (it was too big for a dune) to the beach, so much fun, but I did end up with most of the beach in my shoes haha! those poor shoes have put up with so much!

As we were going to end up at the beach I told Zoe beforehand that we may paddle, so they were prepared for the paddling, splashing and jumping around – lots of fun! and fabulous for photos! There was a lot of playfulness between the two of them, but the connection was incredible, so much love.

Once we’d finished at the beach we made our way back inland towards the parking area, all the while chatting like long time friends – I love it when that happens!

Hope you’ve loved reading this, scroll down to see the photos I took – and if you’re looking for your wedding photographer – get in touch!