Alan & Beck Engagement Session, Dunraven Bay, South Glamorgan


In July, I was very excited to photograph Alan and Beck for their engagement/pre wedding session. They decided to pick Southerndown and also Ogmore Castle as they’d spent a lot of their youth there and the places held such fond memories.

We decided to take advantage of Dunraven walled gardens as theres an abundance of backgrounds and textures there, plus with all of the beautiful flowers, it was an obvious location. We ventured around the gardens and after lots of cwtches, kisses, pose’s and natural pose photos we decided to move on to Ogmore.

Ogmore is such a fantastic location as there’s the wonderful old textured stone of the castle juxtaposed with the colours of the landscape, the horses and the river. The later it got the more the wind whipped up around the coastline, but we didn’t let that stop us.

We had so much fun, they are such a fab couple and I can’t wait for the wedding!