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I’ve been a photographer for a number of years now, mostly landscapes – however I have been working as a portrait photographer for a few years and I love it. I enjoy capturing those special moments that will be remembered and treasured through my photographs.

My love of photography started when I was a little girl and carried a film camera around in my pocket, I photographed everything and loved to capture memories. I decided I wanted a job in a creative field when I was quite young, I discovered drawing and painting and I loved it, I chose design as a career path and became a graphic designer. When I was in my late twenties I decided to really get back into photography, so bought myself a digital SLR and started a series of courses. I photographed friends and family, and they loved the results – so thats where it all started!

It is very important for me to capture emotion in my work, to give the viewer not only a scene to look at – but also the warmth, happiness and love, so when you look at them years later you remember the feeling of that day.

Because of my understanding of the landscape, locations and how light effects them so I am able to transform your portraits into something spectacular. I have an editorial style and love to play with the light; this creates a magical feel in my photos.

When I’m not photographing wonderfully happy people, I love to go for long walks in the countryside, paint, sketch, sew – be creative in any way I can. I live in the Neath area with my husband and two cats.

Enough about me, take a look at the albums to view a selection of the type of creative photography projects I have completed and illustrate how I capture the special moments. I have taken on a variety of projects, which you can view in my portfolio and blog..

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Venues I’ve photographed:
Oldwalls, Gower | Grittleton House, Chippenham | Ocean View Windmill, Gower | Oxwich Bay Hotel, Gower | The Glyn Clydach, Neath | The Coach House, Neath | St Matthews, Neath | St Catherines, Baglan | Bryngarw, Bridgend | Canada Lodge and Lakes, Cardiff | Craig Y Nos | Mansion House, Newport | The Old Barn Inn, Llanmartin | The Bear, Cowbridge | Llechwen Hall, Llanfabon | The Emlyn Hotel, Newcastle Emlyn | Fairyhill, Gower | Eglwys Oen Duw, Beulah | The Barn at Brynich, Brecon | Grittleton House | Pennant Church, Pennant | And various Marquee farm weddings.

Venues I’m photographing in the next year:
Fairyhill, Gower | Llechwen Hall | Oldwalls | The Barn at West Farm, Southerndown | The Glyn Clydach | St Illtyds Church, Neath | Oxwich Bay Hotel, Gower | St Josephs Catholic Church, Cimla | Bryngarw House | Hillside Brewery, Gloucestershire | Norton House Hotel | Llanerch Vineyard | Builth Wells Show Ground | St Cynog, Merthyr Cynog | Tall Johns House, Brecon | The King Arthur, Reynoldston | .


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I do not send newsletters and have no intention of sending them, I don’t like receiving them so wouldn’t want anyone else to receive them.

I will not share any piece of your personal information, in fact if you show an interest in a fellow wedding suppliers’ services, I will give you their business details and never pass your details on.

I don’t have a database, your details are kept in the wedding questionnaire we filled out at your meeting – information which is needed for your big day, this is shredded two months after your wedding date.

If we met for a consultation and you didn’t take up my services, I will shred your information as soon as I have been told of this.

If you do not wish to be tagged in any posts please ensure that I’m aware of it, or ask and I will ensure you are not tagged or any tags are removed as soon as possible.

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I will keep your wedding photos for three years – I’m reluctant to remove them from my drives as I worry about my clients potentially having issues, losing and needing them again in the future. If you would like me to keep them for a longer period I’m happy to do that, please let me know.

If you do wish to be forgotten, which you have every right to be, please let me know by emailing me at, or by messaging me on Facebook.

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