Chrissy and Lukes Pre-wedding, Felindre, Swansea

A few weekends back I photographed Luke and Chrissy’s pre-wedding session in the grounds of Lukes family home, a working farm in the Felindre Swansea area.

We headed up to Lukes mum’s favourite tree first as the view up there was incredible and on a clear day you could see the Gower Peninsula. At the beginning they didn’t know what to expect but with a bit of gentle posing and ideas they were pro’s. I don’t like to pose my couples too much as it can look too strained and you lose the sense of spontaneity – but at the beginning it helps as brides and grooms get a sense of how to stand. We then headed to a field with the best cows I have ever met! They were so interested in what was going on and wanted to get into the photo, they were fabulous. After a few photos we then headed down to get the tractor, a very important icon for the wedding – I photographed some emotive shots of the landscape with the couple and the tractor and then we headed to my favourite things – the hay bales.

We settled in the barn using the hay bales to do some more relaxed sitting down poses, we were all ready to go and then the family dog wandered in and sat down in front of them – as if that’s where we needed to be, he was such a lovely dog and his eyes looked wise – I wasn’t going to move him, he looked the part. This tickled the couple and I was able to get some very genuine giggling and smiling from them. Once we finished at the barns we made our way further down to another part of the farm, down a very steep driveway, something I wasn’t too concerned with on the way down – and then up the other side to a very photogenic line of trees. We spent a while using these trees as a background, capturing beautiful light as it dispersed through the leaves and branches.

We then headed back up the hill (oh ‘eck) with my kit, had a little comfort break and made our way for some final photos around the buildings and garden, as usual I ended up laying on the ground to get my shot, well you have to sometimes. The final couple shot of the day was of the engagement ring, the tractors badge and a reflection of the couple – one of those photos that just developed over a series of shots.

Before leaving I stopped at the bottom of the hill to do some landscape and flower photos to set the scene, as the light was gorgeous, the birds were tweeting and it was all just perfect.

I had a fabulous time photographing their portraits in amongst the trees and fields – back to my landscape roots, and captured a fabulous set of images, most of which can be found below. Hope you like!