Abbe and Chris’ Pre wedding – Dyffryn Gardens & Swansea Beach, South Wales

The other week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my best friends and her hubby- to-be for their pre-wedding photo session. The venue they picked was Dyffryn Gardens – a beautiful location with a mixture of nature and architexture. They were very fortunate to pick a glorious day, but for most of it we stayed in the shadows – the best place for nice continous lighting on portraits.

At this time of year we were treated to a display of blooms from a few of my favourite trees/bushes, the Cherry blossom, Magnolia and Camellia – which gave a fabulous flash of colour to the background of several of the shots.

They brought their whippet; Merlin along for the session, he was such a good boy, poor little guy got quite bored towards the end.

We also decided to do another session during a picnic on the beach in Swansea, these can also be found below.

I can’t wait for their big day in May, it’s going to be so much fun!